The Skinny on Butcher Block Countertops

One of the latest fads to take hold of our kitchens: the butcher block counter top. Whether edge grain, face grain, or end grain, it can be an awesome additional to your home with a range of colors and patterns from woods like oak, to birch, to cherry, to even bamboo.

butcher block countertops

Besides being highly desirable for their looks, wooden counters have a range of features:

  • Lasts a long time and absorbs dings and scratches.
  • Plays well with other materials like metal, plastic, or rock.
  • Less noise than harder surfaces with dishes and utensils.
  • Wood tends to be antimicrobial and antibacterial.

A few properties to keep in mind are:

  • Wood is prone to shrinking, growing, or cracking due to humidity or dry weather.
  • If not sealed properly, the wood may rot or change color.
  • Heat or spills can burn or change the color of the wood, though this could be sanded out.

I hope this inspires your kitchen creativity and let us know if you pick a wooden countertop or have one currently!