The Aesthetics of a 2×6 Wall

Last week, we took a look at the energy savings and practicality of 2×4 versus 2×6 walls and this week we will dive a bit deeper into the more abstract differences between them.

After the end of World War II, American soldiers returned home and began to use the GI Bill to buy homes across America.  The construction of these homes, while creating much needed jobs and providing a place for a newly come-of-age generation, were also built quickly and not made to fit individual needs or desires.  That has all changed now, Americans are utilizing custom builders to help them create their own personal castle; a home where they can raise families and live out their lives in comfort in their own unique way.

Here in Texas, we love our high ceilings and using 2×6 walls is ideal.  You won’t just have more structural stability (2x4s are prone to twisting under heavier loads while the 2x6s are steady as a rock), they also just look better.  Even the untrained eye can pick out the subtle difference between a cookie cutter home and a home with 2×6 exterior walls.  The thick walls add to the feeling of your home, the place where you can kick off your shoes at the end of a long day at work and feel as though you are in a luxurious environment that is built for the sole purpose of providing you with shelter and comfort.  Thicker walls also come with deeper window wells, which can add charm to your home and make it feel less utilitarian.

Some clients have elected to go with even thicker walls to add to the sophistication and refinement of their homes.  When you walk in, you can really feel the difference in a tangible way; a home with thicker walls is quieter which only brings you back more and more to the feeling that you are truly in your own castle.  Choosing 2×6 walls also helps to create the illusion of an older home with character, one that was built with quality and long-life in mind, as opposed to a new home that has been quickly thrown up and will not pass the test of time.