How to Design Your Custom Home with Pinterest

Tearing out magazine pages with inspirational photos has gone out of vogue now that Pinterest has swept the nation as the perfect way to catalog all of your dream home ideas, but how do you use Pinterest to make your dream ideas a reality in your dream home?

Where to Start

If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, go ahead and sign up for one.  You’re able to create individual boards that will help you sort through all of your individual ideas.  We suggest creating a board for each of the following: living spaces, kitchen, master bathroom, other bathrooms, master bedroom, other bedrooms, exterior (including doors and windows), and office.  As you come across photos either as you browse the internet or Pinterest, you can “pin” the photos to your various boards to categorize them for ease of access later.  Pinterest has a great feature that allows multiple people to pin to your boards.  You can add your partner, family, or custom home designer so that everyone can access and add ideas to your boards.  Another useful feature is the ability to make your boards public or private, if your boards are public then everyone can access them and see your amazing ideas.

The Search

Searching on Pinterest for dream home ideas is easy, but you will get better results if you are very specific in your search.  For example, a search for “bedroom” will give you thousands of pins through which you have to dig, but narrowing your search is easy by adding things such as “master bedroom with balcony”

The Inspiration

If you find that one pinner in particular is pinning a lot of great ideas, follow them and their pins will appear in your news feed.  You’ll also get some great recommendations for pinners and boards to follow whenever you pin a new pin to your boards.  When pinning, you should always customize the caption with your own ideas so that you can remember what you liked when you pinned the pin in the first place.  For example, when pinning a photo of a living room, you can caption with “love the ceiling height and drapes” or “hate the color but love the fireplace location”.

Once you’ve compiled your ideas, go through them with your custom home designer; they’ll know how to incorporate your dreams into your dream home and will also get more of an idea of what you want for your castle.